Since the mid 1970’s, several New Jersey and Pennsylvania members of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) had expressed an interest in establishing a regional Rhodesian Ridgeback club. RRCUS members in California, New England, Texas, and the Mid-west had each founded regional clubs with great success.


There was a lot of talk, however, nobody took the ball and ran with it until Dana Jefferson, a RRCUS club member from Wilmington, Delaware. She saw the need, gathered the facts about how to start a regional club, and sent invitations to Ridgeback owners in NJ, DE, eastern PA, Long Island and southern NY State.


On a warm Sunday afternoon in September 1990, more than 20 Rhodesian Ridgeback enthusiasts gathered in the backyard of Karl & Priscilla Gabosch to build the foundation of the Greater Valley Forge Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (GVFRRC, pronounced “Grivik”.) These individuals were a coalition of many skills--breeders, owners, and conformation exhibitors, as well as obedience, therapy dog, lure coursing, and agility enthusiasts.

The amount of work to be done seemed overwhelming, yet with Dana’s initiative and drive, along with the efforts of many, GVFRRC was born.


We presently have members residing in DE, MD, NJ, and PA. Our goal is to have events that everyone who loves the breed can be involved in. We host a Regional Specialty Show, two all-breed lure coursing trials, matches, fun days and educational programs. GVFRRC and its’ members also support entries at several local all-breed dog shows.


We invite you to attend one of our events. Check the Events Calendar on the Home Page. To contact an officer, event chairman or committee member, you can email them by clicking on their name in the appropriate list.


During the years, members have learned much from one another. That’s the beauty of a regional club. It’s “hands on, one-on-one.” Members meet frequently during fun events where they get the opportunity to learn about themselves and where their dogs’ talents lie. Members are only a phone call away, and often, just a short drive away.

Officers of the Greater Valley Forge Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

President................Karen Calabrese

Vice-President.......Pat Hoffmann

Treasurer ...Gail James, PFDC Delegate

Recording Secretary..... Diane Schmidt

Corresponding Secretary ....John Arvin
399 N. Main St., Barnegat, NJ 08005 (609) 891-0417

Board of Directors

Susan Newman, Public Education Coordinator
Pat Hoffmann, Webmaster
Nancy Roberts, Public Education Coordinator
Ex-Offico, Sally L Fineburg